Friday, September 27, 2013

Out in Broward-Creepy homes

So me and some of my fellow UrbEx buds went out in their area to show me some of their finds and explore some new ones. I had a shit load of pictures and some are edits and some are not as u can see. Thanks for stopping by! Remember to add me in Instagram: @CoryFlysHigh88

Creepy abandoned house with rv:
Landscaper to the rescue! Not!
Excuse me sir you can't park this here
I love what they've done with their pool!

Rusty truck:

This to be the truck of love!! 💔
All I need is one headlight anyways!

Abandoned townhomes for over 3 years:
(Pics from inside can be found in my IG)

Old Barn:
Sir I've told you I don't have any more red paint!
Where did all the horses go?
Close that door! The weeds will get out!

Abandoned House with a moat! 

Above: super creepy house with moat.
Front of house 
Front of house 
Vines are never creepy! 
Vine are never creepy
It's really time for a new door
The only look inside I could get...

Derelict mobile home:
Don't come any closer is what this house is saying right now.

Abandoned home for over 10 years:

Above: view from street, this property is actually really large. 
No lights, ok I got flashlights.
Above: What happened above this intercom!! Lol
Time to iron!! 
What happens when you have one very angry wife!
Had to throw out my shoes after this one
Mmm asbestos jk

Had to do a black & white 
I'm not even Gona say.
Why yes! This is a creepy corridor
Fck me? No! Fck u! 
Glad we boarded up those doors so vandals wouldn't get to em

Hope you enjoyed! Remember to love all places you visit and leave them the way you found them! Be safe! 

All the best finds,


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Abandoned Broward Correctional Institution-Womens Prison

The Broward Correctional Institution closed May of last year (2012) when the Secretary of Florida Corrections decided to send most female inmates to Lowell correctional in Ocala due to low occupancy and high cost of upkeep for other jails. This property located out in western broward county is now abandoned. Although these are not my photos, they are from a fellow Urbexer (credits below) who I went with on a later date when the gates and doors were unfortunately locked up.
We were only on property for approximately 20 minutes when a van rolled up and a corrections department maintenance worker asked what we were doing. He explained that we were not welcome on this property and needed to leave. So unfortunately we left. The property is completely open up until the prison gates. My pictures are not posted here. Here are the remaining photos....

                                           Gates wide open


Photos courtesy of the awesome @Djmenace954_ru on instagram
Don't forget to check out mine @CoryFlysHigh88

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parkway West Regional Hospital

This hospital has been abandoned for over 10 years and is in really bad shape.

Interior and grounds photos coming soon.....