Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shark Valley at Everglades National Park

The name of this part of the Everglades National Park is quite misleading, the park is actually full of thousands of alligators that love to tan on the parks pathways. Although it is not impossible for a shark to be in the Everglades, it is nearly impossible to see one. Dolphins however have been spotted in the Everglades in recent years by airboaters. The park is a few miles of walking paths where you are guaranteed to see gators, and lots of them. From the moment you walk onto the trail there are gators tanning on the path right next to you.

Not to worry though, these gators have grown up with humans and do not bother you as long as you dont bother them. If you decide to bike (which is much more entertaining than the walk (in my opinion), it is a 15 mile long loop. The paved road out to the everglades runs along the canal where most of the gators lay in the sun or hover just under the water line. If you prefer to not use your legs for walking or biking you can hop on their tram, but only if you are obese, old, or a tourist (this is a joke for those of you wondering "well im skinny, young, and lazy, can I still use it?")

 At the end of 7.5 mile road is the overlook. It is a tall structure that overlooks the unending Expanse of the Everglades. Nothing for miles.

Lots of wild birds to see

No photos were zoomed. All photos are taken as is.


 The path back is lots of dryland, fewer alligators, no tree cover. Very remote and winding road back to the entrance. (For bikers only)

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