Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adventures in Slovenia

So many of you are asking yourselves, where is Slovenia and what is it? Slovenia is a small little baby country on the outskirts of Northern Italy. It is where Ernest Hemingway wrote his famous book "A farewell to arms" and home to seekers of extreme outdoor sports.
I went here summer 2013 with my family and then went to Berlin. Above is a photo looking down on the Soca Valley from our villa.
Rushing rapids give way to calm rivers and the beauty is unbelievable. The people are friendly and the towns are quaint. 

Our villas were great! With only four on property our family took up half the hotel.

Soca river below
White water canoeing (below) who woulda thought?

So many hikes so little time (below)

This province wins the award for most clock towers

Ok so I know I got into abandoned buildings which is somewhat dangerous but I don't think I could bring my self to do this. However my sister and mother did it and loved it. 

Chapel from the 1600's
National Park

WWI Ruins

That's my Slovenia trip now onto the next. BERLIN!!


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