Saturday, August 17, 2013


Out of all the cities I've visited across North America and Europe I have to say I fell in love with Berlin immediately. One of Germany's major cities, Berlin has it all. This young, energetic, historic and beautiful city comes to life each night during the summer with so many things to do. The buildings and history here filled me with so much curiosity and interest.
Young and old lay on the grass or lounge chairs along the river drinking beer, wine ,  juice, water, whatever floats you boat. Bars and restaurants line the spaces underneath the railway behind us.

Tons of people-tourists and locals fill the large sidewalks and streets looking for activity; or just out for a stroll. 
An outdoor bar along the river was lively each night; Bringing all types, shapes and sizes to dance with lovers or watch with friends. 
On museum island, one can spend sunrise to sunset soaking in history and art. Countless museums line the streets offering much education about our past.

Many museums still have bullet holes and patch work from damage from WWII

Cathedral and museum

Ok this city is Wynwood on steroids. Below is just one of thousands of works I saw.

Holocaust Memorial

There's a lot left of the Berlin Wall to go around.
Me at Museum island (below)

More wall

And more wall

US Army Checkpoint going back into West Berlin (now a tourist attraction)

Vee vant to take zee pictures vis zee fake army peeple. (I probably would have too if it wasn't packed)

You are entering the American Sector!

Literally a city pisser......

Brandenburg Gate

Compilation of the S and U Bahn

S-Bahn (above and below)

U-bahn (below)

I'm Gona throw some Miami-Dade atchya....

S-bahn below


Cold War era bunker



Oh Berlin why do I have to leave you?

I will return!!!

An airline that gives out German Chocolate at the end of your flight? Damn right that's my airline.


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