Monday, April 22, 2013

16th Century Spanish Galleon

Living in a big city sometimes presents little and big surprises. Frequently there are many surprises to fall upon, but sometimes those surprises fall upon you. As I walked my sisters dog down the long and winding path through bayfront from my building at the end of Biscayne, I start to see a large wooden ship with huge masts. The first question I asked myself......was this an actual Spanish Galleon? Hmm I dont know lets find out together mind. So me and my mind, oh and my sister's dog strolled closer and closer. I could see that this ship was well taken care of and had to be a reproduction (which it sadly was), but still breathtaking.
As we got closer I saw the line of tourists being overcharged to walk onboard and look around, I couldn't deny that I wanted to as well. However, I admired the large galleon from the exterior which was nice.
I couldn't resist a black and white
16th Century Galleon of Spain's West Indies Fleet
Quick Vid
Hope you enjoyed!

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