Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wynwood, Miami, FL (Graffiti and Art)

I've recently come to realize how great it is to have Wynwood as a fairly new, vibrant, and revitalized neighborhood west of Miami's Midtown. It is artsy but not fartsy and is known for being very non-conforming and independent. Wynwood has turned Miami's art scene into an abstract drawing board. In Wynwood, you will find hundreds of crazy and unique graffiti pieces (although I personally would name it Modern Street Art) all over buildings and walls. Many abandoned buildings have beautiful works along with businesses who contract locals to cover their buildings in these spectacular pieces. Here are various pieces located around Wynwood.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Wynwood Walls

Abandoned RC Cola factory below
Abandoned Cemex factory

Abandoned rc cola plant below

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