Friday, April 19, 2013


Hello all,

Welcome to The Miami UrbEx

About me: I was born in Miami Beach and raised in Boca Raton (about 40 minutes north), and recently moved back down to Miami (downtown) in 2011. I work in the Hotel industry and love what I do. I have a passion for Urban Exploration (UrbEx) and photography which I plan on showing you through my travels in photos and videos of abandoned facilities, old, and/or uninhabited areas and display them here. I also take a lot of nature and airplane photos. Hoping to get a drone soon and create a youtube channel.

SPECIAL NOTE: You take responsibility for your own actions. I do not promote visiting sites that may be dangerous. If you do visit abandoned buildings or sites, you accept responsibility for taking any risks involved in exploring these places. Leave history the way you found it for others to enjoy.

Instagram: CoryFlysHigh88
Twitter: @CoryFlysHigh88

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